Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club
named after Aleksey Ya. Savchenko
"There are no people who don't like whisky,
they just haven't found the right one yet"
Aleksey Yakovlevich Savchenko
the first President of Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club, ideologist and inspirer
"Whisky is the blood of Scotland; it is not about technology, ingredients, or barrels. It is about the people who make it. People and their emotions"

Alexey Yakovlevich first became interested in whisky in the early 2000s, when Johnnie Walker Black Label was considered an elite whisky. At that time there was no whisky literature, neither in Russian nor in English.

And yet, the one who has a passion - achieves everything!
How it all began
As a scientist and mathematician, A. Ya. Savchenko - the corresponding member of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, wanted to study the subject that interested him. He wanted to understand the peculiarities of whisky production at various distilleries to the smallest detail and delve into the traditions associated with his favorite drink.

In the same 2003, he started to organize Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club, the first meeting of which took place in 23 December 2004.

Alexey Yakovlevich together with Club members had 4 large-scale trips to Scotland.
When the owners of the distilleries found out that he was the President of Whisky Connoisseurs Club and came from distant Ukraine, they allowed him to explore the parts of their estates, which are usually hidden from the eyes of other visitors.

In total, Alexey Yakovlevich visited about 40 distilleries. The knowledge, emotions and impressions gained during the trips, he shared with everyone else during meetings and tastings.
So what's next?
Aleksey Yakovlevich Savchenko always wanted to create a home for his Club — the Scottish House, where it will be so nice to taste whisky, discover new culinary pleasures, listen to a piper, enjoy the spirit of Scotland, and just have a good time with friends.
And now
Today, the business started by his father is continued by his son Alexey Savchenko Jr. together with his wife Irina Anatolievna, as well as members of the Club and the Whisky Corner team.

Many years have passed, but we still hold unique tastings every month with the Club members, although they have become larger and more ambitious. We always aspire to educate ourselves and others about the history of whisky and the incredible people behind its production.

We were honored to taste whisky in the company of such legends as Jim McEwan and Charles McLean. We were the first to taste Stewart and Andrew Laing's whisky and virtually visit their Ardnahoe distillery. We were lucky to be invited to the opening of a new futuristic Macallan distillery. More than 20 brand ambassadors from different countries delighted our guests with incredible stories, which prove that whisky is a unique beverage.

With an irresistible desire for bold experiments in our hearts, we have made another dream come true. We have gone far beyond the borders of our homeland and gained recognition in the international whisky community. Our own releases are our pride and our incentive to further development!
Our whisky
Our Club directly cooperates with distilleries and independent bottlers in Scotland, creating truly unique releases. There are already 24 of them, and they are available only in our restaurant and at international festivals.

Whisky Connoisseurs Club has been ordering and preparing special releases for over 10 years. Earlier, it was just a selection of barrels, and the whisky was released in conjunction with distilleries. But over the past 4 years, we created 19 new releases independently, under the brand of Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club.
Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club
named after Aleksey Ya. Savchenko

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